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El Pez Dorado

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The creators of the brand are Fátima Montero and Luis Alhama, sculptors and designers. The project was born in Berlin in 2015, and today allows us to live for what excites us. We work with geometric metal pieces and shapes made in 925 silver and gold plated.
Our day to day is a conjunction in which Fatima sets the guidelines for the organization. She creates the style lines of the brand, and supervises every detail. In addition, she manages our presence in design stores and handmade fairs in Europe.
Luis combines his role in the project with his work as an art teacher. He focuses on the investigation of materials, the creation and manufacture of the different pieces. In addition, he is responsible for communication, marketing and Social Media.

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- Our work becomes an experience which you continue depending on the the way you wear and combine the pieces.
- Together, we take each decision. We work hard to give the brand the ethics and sensitivity we are committed to.
-Our process evolves as a tireless work that unites an artisanal process with contemporary concepts.

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One of the things we value most in ELPEZDORADO, is the possibility that it offers us to collaborate with professionals from other disciplines.

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A brand which not consider ethical and local production.

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Our Laser collection, specially the earring which are very elegant and you can wear in every occasion .