Dilly Dally Designmarkt 3. - 4.11.2018


El Pez Dorado

hinter dem label

Behind the creation of the brand as well and the development of all accessories, we find Fatima Montero and Luis Alhama, sculptors and designers with a prolonged interdisciplinary knowledges.

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Dein Label

We produce all our pieces in Málaga (Spain) according to a philosophy of collaborating with local artist and using material wich came from countries with fair labor practices. All our pieces are handmade and do not contain nickel or any alergic components.

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My live-project, this Label

Wenn ich ein Designklassiker
wäre - wäre ich

A Le Corbusier´s furnitures

In einem früheren
Leben war ich

Of course, a Fish ;-)